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First, Caribbean Rum distillates from sugar into clear liquid. Furthermore, sugarcane, syrup, or molasses ferments and distills into aged wood barrels. Producing sweet smooth liquor.  Barbadian origin constitutes culture. Next, various grades are produced, light, gold and dark.  Production happens with every major sugar producing region across the globe.  Equally important, playing a part in cultures of the West Indies, Maritime provinces and Newfoundland in Canada.  Lastly, aged either in stainless steel barrels or aged in wood barrels then filtered to remove any color.

Types of Rum:

Thus produced in more than 80 countries, methods of abundant variation carry over different fermentations, distillation, myriad blending styles and aging techniques.  In addition, most can classify into different categories. White or clear, gold or pale, dark, black, Navy, premium aged, vintage, overproof, Rhum Agricole, Cachaca, Aguardiente and flavored/spiced.

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