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Ocean Organic Vodka 1.75L

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Originating from Poland, Russia and Sweden. Liquid showcases crystal clear. Composed mainly of water and ethanol.  For example, traditional methods distill the clear liquid from fermenting cereal grains and potatoes.  Modern brands use maple sap for base, honey, fruits, sugar cane and corn.  Vodka forms from the Slavic word Voda(water). Distilleries have indeed started using fruits especially grapes and apples. Unlike other alcoholic beverages, no set regulations govern production, allowing creativity in the process. Recommended ABV 30-40%.

History of Vodka:

First, originating from the Russian word “voda”, the liquids crystal clear like ‘water’. Origins are debated by differentiated dates. For instance, suggested to have started during the Middle Ages when produced for medicinal use.  Grape production in colder climates turned others to other alternatives.  Fermenting grains nevertheless became popular and led to the original name, “bread wine”. Again, popularity boomed in 1917 during the Russian Revolution. Lastly, gaining worldwide recognition due to World War II, further producing globally.

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