Welcome to Bob & Jan's Bottle Shop

The ultimate destination for all your libation needs.

Welcome to Bob and Jan's Bottle Shop

The ultimate destination for all your libation needs.

Over 30 years of history and expertise curated an impressive selection of wine and spirits from all over the world.  Thus opening our doors on the east side of Cambria in the 1980s, specifically dedicating our liquor store with the best beverages. 

Our mastery of drinks showcases on our shelves.  With customer service as our main priority. We pride ourselves on having the knowledge to answer any questions that may arise on any of our products. Whether you are in Cambria, or you’ve travelled far to visit and happen to stumble upon Bob and Jan’s.  For instance, you may embrace convenience and reliability wherever you are in the United States due to our lightning-fast delivery service.  Searching accordingly for your favorite drink should never be overwhelming, that is why our team takes care of helping you find exactly what you need.

Are you shopping for a special event, family, or friends, or are you looking for a specific go-to brand for yourself, whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.  With dependable delivery options available nationwide, never falter on being provided your favorite options from the comfort of your own home.

Get involved with Bob and Jan’s Bottle Shop to discover new flavor and aroma profiles that’ll surely elevate your experience. Cheers!

Our Location

In this historical location, Bob and Jan’s Bottle Shop resides on the East side of Cambria at 2292 Main St. A small village town on the central coast in California.  This building in other words, has been standard history for decades. Bob and Jan started history by opening a part restaurant and liquor store in the 1980s. Nethertheless, both owners dedicated their time until retiring and entrusting the new owners with the name Bob and Jan’s. With being the only liquor store in the village, popularity continues amongst the locals and those coming to visit.

Renovations started for Bob and Jan’s in the year 2022 when new owner Joseph Ayoub bought the historic building.  Meanwhile, to keep traditions alive, the Liquor Store was upgraded tremendously.  Beautiful wood sculpts the entrance way and invites you to see the enormous selection inside. In 2023, the building where Bob and Jan’s calls home, had an empty side wall. This once empty canvas was chosen as an artistic venture for a contemporary Monarch Mural and splendid Slabtown Mercantile Mural.  With this in mind, added on history to the building and a slap of color.

Our Bottle Shop

 Not just your typical liquor store. Bob and Jan’s Bottle Shop is far from average.  We’ve created a haven for wine connoisseurs, a paradise for spirit lovers, and a treasure trove for individuals searching for the finest collection of rare bottles.

Specifically, we continue to stay consist by expanding our product inventory to supply our customers with high end rarities, exclusive brands, and tasteful options. 40 years of expertise that ensures our customers’ needs by providing what reflects their preferences. With our partner company http://elitewinesociety.com we can accomplish an even broader selection. 

Here at Bob and Jan’s, our extraordinary customer service brings pride and joy to our team. We encourage any questions that may arise.  With a team of experts ready to assist in finding the best available drink that caters for any occasion or event.

In addition, our selection comes from across the globe. For example, bottles are stamped for rarity on various products. Our collection harbors the majority of everyone’s favorites. Starting with Japanese, and Irish Whiskies then Scotch from Scotland, Bourbon such as https://www.buffalotracedistillery.com/, and Whisky from America to limited edition wines from accredited and renowned vineyards. We carry it all. 

Finally, our promise holds strong with giving an unforgettable shopping experience that brings convenience. Further tantalize your taste buds and satisfy cravings with exceptional drinks. Cheers to finding endless possibilities at Bob and Jan’s!

Our Website

Furthermore, our team understands the inconvenience of having to physically go and carry heavy loads back home.  Our mission is to make shopping at a liquor store your favorite experience with just a couple clicks. Right at your fingertips and easy to navigate with no hassle. Bob and Jan’s online platform comes with convenience, secure checkout process, and a delivery service that prides on reliability.  Hence why we make sure that you can enjoy your favorite beverages without stress or added effort.

Starting as a family-run business, we are expanding our promise nationwide.  Proud to say that our dedication has provided top quality customer service and a top-of-the-line shopping experience for everyone.



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