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About American Whiskey

Firstly, we should note that the range of whiskies available extends beyond bourbon. This includes rye, Tennessee, corn. More recently, various unofficial styles emerge from micro distilleries across different regions such as New York, Michigan, and California.

American whiskey tends to exhibit a sweeter flavor profile, with less smokiness, and generally comes at a more affordable price point.

Typically, American whiskey is crafted from a blend of corn, rye, wheat, and barley (collectively known as the mash). It undergoes aging in charred-oak barrels. However, it is worth noting that each variety possesses its own unique characteristics.

Popular types of American Whiskeys

  • Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon whiskey is a widely favoured variant of American Whiskey. It is distilled from a minimum of 51% corn. To get a legal mark of “Bourbon,” whiskey must be aged in fresh oak barrels, manufactured and bottled in the United States. Moreover, it needs to possess a minimum alcohol content of 80 proof after distillation. While there is no mandatory aging period for Bourbon, it typically acquires distinct attributes such as spiciness and sweetness over time. The flavour profile directly correlates to the use of flavorful wooden casks during production. Bourbon takes a solid first place in buy whisky online orders.

  • Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee whiskey, distinguished by its unique production process, closely resembles bourbon with the addition of an extra step. Following distillation, it undergoes a meticulous filtration process.  It is gradually passed through a ten-foot layer of sugar-maple charcoal, commonly referred to as the Lincoln County Process. This method imparts a remarkable smoothness and concludes with a delightful sweetness, rendering this spirit effortlessly enjoyable. It is this exceptional quality that has propelled Jack Daniel’s to its esteemed position as the leading whiskey online buy brand worldwide.

American Whiskey Production

When considering American whiskey production, Kentucky and Tennessee are immediately on the mind. Although the majority of whiskey brands originate from these states, it is worth noting that there are other states that also contribute significantly to the industry. For instance, Texas boasts its own distinct personality in the form of single malt whiskeys. While Utah is a pioneer in its straight rye whiskey. Additionally, Washington offers a soft expression of 100% wheat whiskey. While the location of your whiskey online order is of importance, each state offers unique characteristics that are worth exploring.

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