What Is Tennessee Whiskey?

Tennessee whiskey is a type of straight whiskey that is exclusively produced within the borders of the U.S. state of Tennessee. While it has been categorized as a bourbon whiskey in certain international trade agreements.

According to Tennessee law, all current Tennessee producers, with the exception of Benjamin Prichard’s, are obligated to manufacture their whiskeys within the state and employ a filtration process called the Lincoln County Process before aging the whiskey.

Tennessee Whiskey VS Bourbon

Tennessee whiskey and bourbon share nearly identical requirements, and most Tennessee whiskeys fulfill the criteria for being classified as bourbon.

However, a notable divergence exists: must undergo an additional crucial stage known as the Lincoln County Process, entailing the filtration of the spirit through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal. This meticulous charcoal filtering procedure serves to cultivate a subtly smoother essence within the whiskey. Conversely, bourbon frequently exhibits a more audacious and robust flavor profile, distinguishing it from its Tennessee counterpart.

How To Drink

While some prefer consuming it undiluted, others choose to have it served over ice. High-proof whiskeys can be rendered more agreeable to the palate by incorporating a small amount of water. Straight shots are a favored option and are frequently employed in shooter recipes. Mixed beverages represent the most popular whiskey consumptions. A well-liked mixed drink entails combining a shot of Tennessee whiskey with cola, commonly referred to as “Jack and Coke”. It also harmonizes well with lighter carbonated beverages such as citrus-flavored sodas and ginger ale, as well as lemonade.

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