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Canada uses “rye whisky” that contains a large percentage of corn spirits. Canadian distillers started adding small amounts of highly-flavourful rye grain to mashes that people began demanding more of.  The terms “rye whisky” and “Canadian whisky” define as the same meaning. Above all, Canada follows regulations which state that whisky should mash, distill and age in Canada. With a minimum 40 percent alcohol by volume(ABV), Canadian ages in small wood vessels for a minimum of three years.

American VS Canadian

American Whisky or Bourbon uses a corn mash. Canada uses a rye. Canadian distillers cut small amounts of rye into whisky for palatability. Canadian is aged in a wider array of barrels from all over the world. American is more specific, however, consists its own regulated style. Canadian distillers are able to use more flavors and techniques. American Whisky distilled at 160 proof is light whisky. In conclusion, base whiskies for Canada proof between 180-190.

Types of whisky

Two types of whisky: 100 percent rye and grain blends. Firstly, single grain, corn or rye sometimes wheat or barley make the whisky. Secondly, variety of multiple grains, flavor some whiskies. Flavouring whiskies are typically rye blended but aren’t 100%. As a result, grain blends have a blending technique that necessitates small percentage of rye, 10% to create flavor.  Lastly, 100% rye blends are the second type.

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