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Distilleries create exclusive Barrel Picks for the public. Giving new experience into bottling that give consumers a chance to own a speciality.  Bottles receive special stamps or labels that indicate the time and location it comes from.  Barrel picks run $15,000-$20,000 per depending on brand.   Unique in nature, master distillers help others select which barrel will bottle.

How can you get your own Pick?

High demand furthermore creates scarcity when requesting your own Barrel.  Additionally, waiting lists create a way for consumers to get hands on experience and access to bottling their own pick.  Access to popular distilleries come hard however aren’t inevitable.  Buffalo Trace and Barton owned by Sazerac for example, offer barrel picks once a year to individuals through their website. Once live, 10 minutes or less of a window issues barrels to be sold.

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