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Rye & Wheat Whisky are similar but unique in design. Rye traditionally combines as a main ingredient to flavor Whisky.  Rye’s plethora spice notes linger on the back of the tongue.  Pepper, mint, cinnamon, clove and tobacco found with Rye blends.  Described to be aggressive when opening the bottle, Rye’s prominent aroma showcases instantly.  20% to 35% mash bill containing Rye considers to be high-Rye bourbon.

On the other hand, Wheat gives a softer and sweeter experience.  Aromas of vanilla, caramel and butterscotch harbor Wheat. Fruitiness of flavor pulls through a little extra than Rye.  For instance, Wheat is less aggressive than Rye.  Wheat tends to follow the front of the tongue experience than back of the tongue.  Wheat is seen to be creamier and less prickly.

Difference Between Rye & Wheat

Rye carries stronger traits of aroma and flavor than Wheat. Spices, fruit and grass are main component aromas.  Rye’s traditionally mixed in cocktails. Wheat’s aroma is smoother and more earthy with touchness of sweetness a signature in flavor. Wheated bourbons are typically drank neat or on the rocks.

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