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Production for Single Barrel Bourbon follows a standard process of aging and barrelling.  Above all, Single Barrel are a premium class of whisky. Bottling comes from a Single Aging barrel instead of a blended mix of Bourbon barrels. In other words, color and taste aren’t apparent due to different Single Barrels location which can drastically change flavor profile. Single Barrel individually bottled, gives a barrel number with dates of aging process. In conclusion, individual bottling contributes to unique and enhanced flavor.


Small Batches comprise of around 200 barrels, however, Single Barrel comprises of one. Contents of Single Barrel strategically combine in one barrel. The idea to create individualism started in 1984 by Blanton.  Individual barrels were bottled instead of combined.  This stood unique traits out from the rest of other Bourbons. Trends of selling individual bottles of one barrel became popular and Single Barrel was born.

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